Nice history

If you would like to know something from history of procedures, you can come to our salon or read articles on our websites. We want to give you all information that is necessary for your satisfaction, so if you would like to try new activities, you are on the right place. Don´t hesitate and choose the best procedure for you. Do you want to know classic type of massage or you would like something original and abnormal? Then we can offer you nuru massage that can help you with removing stress. You should through your worries over your head and have a rest for a moment. We have perfect place with modern accommodation, so you will feel here very good.

Try canny hands of our masseuses

Don´t stop think about this type of relaxation, because it is original and very favourite manner. If you would like to know more about our masseuses, you definitely can look at photos on the websites or you can straight come into salon and meet them. They are really beautiful and they have canny hands that can bring you abnormal pleasure that you never tried.

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